Superpod events are annual gatherings that occur on San Juan Island, WA, in mid-July and are open to the public. Folks travel in from around the world, and make their own arrangements for transportation, accommodations and free time activities such as whale watch tours, kayaking and other island activities. People attending are encouraged to make their arrangements as far in advance as possible since Superpod occurs during peak season on San Juan Island.

The event features Pacific Northwest killer whales, including the famous “Southern Residents,” but also transients, whose numbers are on the rise, and who are frequently seen from boats and shore. The waters between the islands are home to Chinook salmon, the Southern Resident killer whales’ favorite food. J,K, and L pods congregate each summer in a “Superpod gathering.” Thus, this event is both a gathering of killer whales and “whale people,” complete with annual customs, and festivities.



Daily Events

Events occur daily, and include whale watching tours, documentary screenings, slide show presentations, and nightly social gatherings.

Each day on Island, pod members spend free time connecting with friends old and new. You’ll find groups heading out on the water, possibly on whale watch boats, kayaks or sail boats. Or maybe on land, at Lime Kiln State Park, watching as the Southern Residents swim by. Or lastly, spending time in beautiful Friday Harbor enjoying a craft beer with some grilled oysters at Friday’s Crab House. In the evening, the pod congregates at public and private spaces for presentations, food & spirits.

Superpods 1 – 3

The first three Superpods were successful. Whales were abundant & they provided an incredible setting for pod members & three film crews, including Blackfish, the Humane Society, and the Non-Human Rights Project. David Kirby utilized Superpod 2 to launch Death at SeaWorld to a full house of whale enthusiasts. Superpod 3 had book events for War of the Whales and Puget Sound Whales for Sale.

And Sam Simon broadcast his radio program during Superpod 2 from the Best Western Hotel in Friday Harbor on July 20, 2012.

There have been multiple presentations at Superpod including from Drs Lori Marino, Naomi Rose, Astrid Van Ginneken , Ingrid Visser and Chris Caudill, Assistant Professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at the University of Idaho. We’ve also had presentations from Howard Garrett, Attorney Jeff Kerr, Attorney/Professor Steve Wise (of the Non-Human Rights Project), and more.

There have also been several panel discussions and Q&As at past Superpod gatherings, including one with the cast of Blackfish after a packed screening at Superpod 3.



  1. Kelly Elliott says:

    Wonderful video The real Sea World. I have watched Blackfish and The Cove. Signed all the petitions. Boycotted aquariums and Zoo’s. My kids are 19 & 16. They’ve never seen an animal in captivity. I still NEED to do more. What else can I do? I don’t have a lot of money but I have a lot of passion. I would throw myself in front of a dolphin or a whale before letting one of these murderers hurt another majestic whale. Help me help them. Give me a direction. Please!!!!!

    • Lorraine Christine Garnier says:

      I would suggest getting involved at the local level. If you have any captive marine life near you.
      As far as I know, there are Facebook pages for: Free Lolita (ORCA held captive in Florida) Dolphins, there is
      Voices For Taiji Dolphins-Ideas into Action. There is Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians page, they have a march on Feb 13th at Japanese Consulates around the world, etc. Anyone else want to suggest how she can get involved? thank you for caring.

  2. There was a link here a bit ago when you registered where you could register for a whale watch with the Blackfish cast…is it all booked up? Thanks.

    • Hi Gina. Yes, that got booked quickly. There are some people booking trips on other boats that will go out at the same time. If you are interested I can get you info.

  3. Hey there guys, would love some info on the whale watching with the cast of Blackfish for me and my granddaughter. Thanks so much.